• Welcome to captionz trove.

    Hi everyone. Happy new year! Welcome to Captionz Trove, a space dedicated to new & educational YouTube videos. Why? Because it's fun.

    But first, have you read this topic: Welcome to pnlpal? This is the one that introduce to you the reason why I built this site, the intention of making it and the rules of posting. I suggest you read it first.

    What is Captionz?

    It’s a website, part of our pnlpal community that let you watch YouTube videos with dual captions, A-B repeat and more. just open Captionz to use it. No need to use a browser extension, or an app. It’s simple and straight-forward, right?

    I actually launched it at LanguageLearning subreddit first, it's fairly good.
    screenshot of reddit

    Later, I put it on InternetIsBeautiful, it soared.
    screenshot of reddit

    But then comes the down turn. People loved it and forget it.

    Anyway, I put the detail story here:
    Captionz: learn on YouTube with fun.

    Since you are here reading this post, you actually like it. I appreciate that.

    Let's continue.

    What's Captionz Trove?

    Well, it's just a category on pnlpal. After published Captionz, I built this to help us share and discover educational videos on YouTube. It's bit of hard to dig resources on YouTube these days. YouTube is more and more entertaining rather than educational I think. So by creating this place, I hope it could help you reduce some noise, and discover educational videos more easily, and learn languages more efficient.

    The core function of this trove is that first, it has a Reddit like ranking algorithm to sort the topics. So it relies on real human upvotes and suggestions. What is the reddit ranking algorithm like? There is a good article writing about this:

    How Reddit ranking algorithms work.
    (Though I have to confess that I am still working on it. It needs a lot of posts to see the real effect. There are not many posts now anyway. But you should see it soon.)

    Second, a Twitter like UI, so it looks clean. I love twitter so much that you can see me there every day. Let's connected there, shall we?

    It's meaningful, isn't it? I watched most of the videos in the trove. Hell, I think I am addicted to YouTube. When I find a video that is interesting and thoughtful, I share it. I have really learned a lot from these videos. For example:

    How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity The Myth of Education & Impact: Inner Architecture Mini Lockdown math

    That's why I built this place. I urge you to do the same with me. Share the video that you watched and learned. So you are not just helping me, but also helping every language learners out here, and even the youtubers! You are spreading works and ideas worth spreading.


    Simple, click the New Topic button. Put the title and url of the video in, and write a few words for introduction.


    Don't forget to use or create a few tags. They are meaningful to classify these posts.

    Again, before you post, a few simple rules you should know.

    Rules General rules I mentioned here, you know no bullshit, no propaganda, looking for original etc. New & educational videos only. I don't want this space full of entertainment. Though you might think that entertainment is also educational, you can learn languages from videos like games or sports. But that's just another YouTube.com. But I do think talk shows or something like learning English from Friends are proper here. Debates are welcome. If it's too old, it's old-fashioned. I don't like it. But there are just some things that never grow old and never die. You'll hate that you didn't find them earlier, and they might have changed your life. Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do? How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity It's important to have at least one caption. Auto-generated caption is not recommended. You know why. More videos and channels

    Please, help me grow this space, add more videos, discover more channels.
    I bet you love YouTube, and you have subscribed a lot of channels, right? Or better, you have created your own channel? Leave a comment below, tell me your favorite educational channels. I'll consider to put it in the sidebar of this site. Yours is better.

    This is the way.

  • 2023, in 7 minutes - by vox

    2023 was dominated by a few big stories: climate change making everything hotter; the Israel-Hamas war; blockbuster movies and concert tours. And during all the massive global shifts, celebrations, and devastation — life happened. Watch this video to remember the major events from this turbulent year.

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    [SWE+ENG CC AVAILABLE] I think it's so important to HAVE FUN while studying and learning new things. So my absolute best tip when it comes to learning Swedish is doing things you enjoy. Even if it might not be the "correct" place to start or exactly on "your level." The best studying is the studying that takes place, whether it's ideal or not.

  • Choose Equality | Choose Freedom | Study in Sweden

    Looking for a study destination where you can be yourself, study at an incredible university and create a radically better world – together with other students from all over the world? Look no further.

    We are the home to 40 outstanding universities who can offer you the programme of your dreams. In a country where work-life balance actually means something.

    Sweden is somewhere that you can be as different as you like and not worry about taking any shit for it. Sweden is one of the world’s most progressive countries for LGBTQ+ rights and it’s supported by our society and law. So however you identify, there’s probably no better country in the world to be who you want to be, how you want to be.

    We’re in love with our planet and environment has been our top priority for ages. And when you see what our nature looks like – forests and rivers and lakes and unspoiled wilderness – how could it not be?

  • How I Learned Spanish

    Always open-minded by his passion and proficiency with languages. He is a master.

  • President Biden Honors 500,000 Americans Lost To Covid | NBC News

    In a speech at the White House, President Biden spoke about some of the people who died of Covid-19 as the death toll in the U.S. reached 500,000.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Biden Signs Series Of Executive Orders On Racial Equity | Morning Joe | MSNBC

    A series of executive orders are decreed at the first day of his term, mostly to undo his predecessor's legacy. Well done.

  • Amanda Gorman’s Biden Inauguration Poem | WSJ

    Amanda Gorman recited her poem at President Biden’s inauguration ceremony outside the U.S. Capitol. The 22-year-old is the first National Youth Poet Laureate and the youngest poet to read at a presidential inauguration.

  • My Italian progress after 9 months (subtitles available)

    In this video I want to show my progress in Italian after practicing every day for the last 9 months.

    I still make a lot of mistakes and have a lot to learn, but I am happy to be already able to communicate. I want to motivate you to see that if you consistently do something every day you can improve a lot.

    So brilliant. I am envious.

  • How I Learned Chinese

    As with all the languages I’ve learned, my passion for the language, and all that surrounds it, was key to success in learning Mandarin. But lots of reading and listening helped me achieve my goals.

    Wow, this video is very impressive and informative. I love those flashed pictures of China's historical figures.

  • "It Was Heartbreaking To See" - John Heilemann On His Up Close View Of The Capitol Insurrection

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    Don't mind the all upper cases. Listen to the late show that talks about the 911 liked event in the US history.

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  • FBI: The MAGA Maniacs Who Tried To Overthrow The Government Are Going To Pay

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    Internal terrorists. What a mad world!

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  • Brexit talks: Next days are crucial: BBC News Review

    Negotiators from the UK and EU have begun a new push to reach agreement on post-Brexit trade after both sides agreed "to go the extra mile" Catherine and Neil explain this and other phrases and vocabulary you need to talk about this story.

    Brexit is the biggest political discourse between UK and Europe. So what's going to happen in 2021?

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