• Sweden (not Switzerland)

    People all over the world keep mixing up Sweden and Switzerland. To end this confusion, we are now reaching out to Swiss officials.

    Find out more at https://visitsweden.com/sweden-not-sw...

  • Choose Equality | Choose Freedom | Study in Sweden

    Looking for a study destination where you can be yourself, study at an incredible university and create a radically better world – together with other students from all over the world? Look no further.

    We are the home to 40 outstanding universities who can offer you the programme of your dreams. In a country where work-life balance actually means something.

    Sweden is somewhere that you can be as different as you like and not worry about taking any shit for it. Sweden is one of the world’s most progressive countries for LGBTQ+ rights and it’s supported by our society and law. So however you identify, there’s probably no better country in the world to be who you want to be, how you want to be.

    We’re in love with our planet and environment has been our top priority for ages. And when you see what our nature looks like – forests and rivers and lakes and unspoiled wilderness – how could it not be?