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    Hello everyone. Today when I got up my Gmail and Twitter both notified me that I have got a donation. And it’s not just a cup of coffee. It turns out to be a whole bunch of coffees...

  • Welcome to captionz trove.

    Hi everyone. Happy new year! Welcome to Captionz Trove, a space dedicated to new & educational YouTube videos. Why? Because it's fun.

    But first, have you read this topic: Welcome to pnlpal? This is the one that introduce to you the reason why I built this site, the intention of making it and the rules of posting. I suggest you read it first.

    What is Captionz?

    It’s a website, part of our pnlpal community that let you watch YouTube videos with dual captions, A-B repeat and more. just open Captionz to use it. No need to use a browser extension, or an app. It’s simple and straight-forward, right?

    I actually launched it at LanguageLearning subreddit first, it's fairly good.
    screenshot of reddit

    Later, I put it on InternetIsBeautiful, it soared.
    screenshot of reddit

    But then comes the down turn. People loved it and forget it.

    Anyway, I put the detail story here:
    Captionz: learn on YouTube with fun.

    Since you are here reading this post, you actually like it. I appreciate that.

    Let's continue.

    What's Captionz Trove?

    Well, it's just a category on pnlpal. After published Captionz, I built this to help us share and discover educational videos on YouTube. It's bit of hard to dig resources on YouTube these days. YouTube is more and more entertaining rather than educational I think. So by creating this place, I hope it could help you reduce some noise, and discover educational videos more easily, and learn languages more efficient.

    The core function of this trove is that first, it has a Reddit like ranking algorithm to sort the topics. So it relies on real human upvotes and suggestions. What is the reddit ranking algorithm like? There is a good article writing about this:

    How Reddit ranking algorithms work.
    (Though I have to confess that I am still working on it. It needs a lot of posts to see the real effect. There are not many posts now anyway. But you should see it soon.)

    Second, a Twitter like UI, so it looks clean. I love twitter so much that you can see me there every day. Let's connected there, shall we?

    It's meaningful, isn't it? I watched most of the videos in the trove. Hell, I think I am addicted to YouTube. When I find a video that is interesting and thoughtful, I share it. I have really learned a lot from these videos. For example:

    How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity The Myth of Education & Impact: Inner Architecture Mini Lockdown math

    That's why I built this place. I urge you to do the same with me. Share the video that you watched and learned. So you are not just helping me, but also helping every language learners out here, and even the youtubers! You are spreading works and ideas worth spreading.


    Simple, click the New Topic button. Put the title and url of the video in, and write a few words for introduction.


    Don't forget to use or create a few tags. They are meaningful to classify these posts.

    Again, before you post, a few simple rules you should know.

    Rules General rules I mentioned here, you know no bullshit, no propaganda, looking for original etc. New & educational videos only. I don't want this space full of entertainment. Though you might think that entertainment is also educational, you can learn languages from videos like games or sports. But that's just another YouTube.com. But I do think talk shows or something like learning English from Friends are proper here. Debates are welcome. If it's too old, it's old-fashioned. I don't like it. But there are just some things that never grow old and never die. You'll hate that you didn't find them earlier, and they might have changed your life. Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do? How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity It's important to have at least one caption. Auto-generated caption is not recommended. You know why. More videos and channels

    Please, help me grow this space, add more videos, discover more channels.
    I bet you love YouTube, and you have subscribed a lot of channels, right? Or better, you have created your own channel? Leave a comment below, tell me your favorite educational channels. I'll consider to put it in the sidebar of this site. Yours is better.

    This is the way.

  • HELP: More Dictionaries needed!

    Dictionariez is a language learning tool that caters to a wide range of languages. As our community continues to grow, we are in need of additional dictionaries to expand our collection.

    However, we are not limited to dictionaries alone. We welcome suggestions for any useful websites that you believe would enhance the learning experience, such as Wikipedia or Bing image search.

    Your contributions are highly valued in helping us add more resources. Join us in improving Dictionariez by sharing your recommendations today!

    How to add more dictionaries?

    Two ways to add a website:

    By code. By posting on pnlpal. By code

    At the settings page, open chrome's devtool, use function like this:

    addExtraDict( { dictName: 'Google Search', windowUrl: 'https://www.google.com/search?q=<word>', css: '#searchform,#top_nav {display: none;}' } )

    The css code is optional to make the target website more adapted to this app.

    Then the new dictionary "Google Search" will appear as the last item of the dictionaries list.
    Click it to open and try.

    By pnlpal

    This is the way.
    Add a topic in Dictionariez Trove, put the json code in the topic content, and use one or more tags to classify the dictionary.


  • Share your reading with pals, using Dictionariez

    New feature of Dictionariez: share your reading articles with our community.

    Download Dictionariez now.

  • Welcome to pnlpal!

    Welcome to our Programming N' Language community, where programming and languages meet! This platform serves as a hub for people seeking to enhance their language skills (mainly English), regardless of their native language. Here, we engage in interesting discussions, and share knowledge about all things related to programming and languages.

    Join us as we explore fascinating topics and learn from one another in a supportive and welcoming environment. Get ready for an enjoyable and enriching experience!

    About me

    I am River, a programmer, and the creator of Dictionariez and Captionz, and a few other open-source projects. You can find more of my work on GitHub. I take pride in single-handedly developing and promoting my apps in the market.

    Dictonariez: not just a dictionary app Captionz: learn on YouTube with fun

    As the creator of Dictionariez and a fellow language learner, I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you. I invite you to join our Discord community where we can have regular English corners, discuss challenges we encounter, share learning techniques.

    Together, we'll work towards building a strong community. Most importantly, I will continuously develop my projects to improve them and assist others like yourself.

    There are 5 categories in our community:

    Sharing: We share and discuss various topics here. News, blog articles about programming or languages, and genuine and helpful content from social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

    Questions: If you have any programming or language-related questions, feel free to ask for help here.

    Feedback: Provide feedback or report any issues related to Dictionariez, Captionz, or this forum. Bug reports, feature requests, and critical reviews are all welcome.

    Dictionariez Trove: Discover the extensive collection of dictionaries we offer. We are actively seeking more dictionaries, check out the HELP: More Dictionaries Needed!

    Captionz Trove: Discover the best YouTube resources in this category.

    Before posting or commenting, please adhere to the following simple rules:

    Be respectful to fellow community members.

    Provide original sources for the content you share.

    Avoid propagandistic content.

    Avoid posting duplicate content.

    Avoid indirect links.

    Avoid sharing very old links, unless there's a valid reason.

    Do not share illegal or unethical material.

    Now, introduce yourself and comment 'Hello' below to the community! Enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions about this post, feel free to ask.

    One last thing, did you know that this entire website, including the source code, is open-source? Follow its active development on GitHub. Don't forget to check it out from time to time!