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  • @river 你好,世界!

  • So I just upgraded the site. Now it has 3 columns on the main pages.
    How do you think? Do you like it this way?


    after screenshot

  • Just updated a little bit to make Captionz Trove more compact and neat.
    And notice the small list icon over there? It indicates that the post is a playlist.

    alt text

  • I just added a link of Buy Me a Coffee to the bottom of this site. I don't know if it works or not. But I want to seek the chance. As I said on my profile of Buy Me a Coffee:

    When I reach $100, I will write an article about this, share the joy and possibility with my family, my friends and anyone who are looking for chances in the world.

    And I am a dreamer, I enjoy my dreams.
    I don't like ads, so I prefer this way to seek a chance and get myself incentives to work on my projects continually.
    I wish you could understand. And if you really like my works, please do consider a donation. Thank you.


  • Just optimized the share gadget. So you can share the video you are watching on Captionz directly.

    alt text

    It's interesting to see how differently social media handle the shared link.

    For example share on facebook looks like this:

    alt text

    The problem is twitter, I have no idea why twitter currently has problem to recognize the link on Captionz 😞

    alt text

    I will look into it later.

  • This morning I just found that Captionz could no longer get the captions of any video, the log told me that Google has limited my requests of getting captions. So I had to change a method to get around this. Now Captionz could parse the captions of video on the browser side. It's distributed and much cooler. Cheers!

  • Today worked a little bit on Captionz. Tomorrow gonna be Dictionariez

  • Now you can embed Captionz player on your website. If you are a webmaster like me, or a youtuber, I think this could help you in some ways.

    alt text

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