• Hey River,

    Thanks so much for your work on this project, I have loved using it so far. I've contributed some dictionaries and bought you a coffee too 🙂

    A quick question, is it possible to download the word history with the sentence column? Right now it just downloads with things like the url source in the csv while, which isn't that helpful.

    Also, is it be possible to modify what is added to the input fields in the anki 'add' window? The extra formatting that is added automatically is making it difficult to make my new cards match my normal formatting.

  • Thank you!

    Yeah, I am actually thinking about how to do more about the Anki card and word list. Great feedback, thank you.

  • Hi again,

    I noticed the functionality for automatically looking up / filling in the next word while adding to anki has disappeared. Was that intentional?

    I thought it was good that the next word automatically got looked up when going through the list, i.e. after clicking 'add' or 'skip'. Maybe not the automatic filling of all the word fields in anki, but adding the target word to the 'new word' field is good though.

  • Most of time should be exactly like what you said "automatically looking up / filling in the next word while adding to anki". Though for some words the process might be interrupted because it couldn't find the definition of the word. Sounds like a bug, I will fix it soon.

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