• {
            "dictName": "Abadis Dictionary", 
            "windowUrl": "https://abadis.ir/?lntype=entofa,entoen,abbr&word=<word>", 
            "css": ".AbaRow, aba {display: none !important;} .PanelSearch {padding-top: 5px !important; height: 70px !important;} .Content, .FooterText {width: 100% !important;}"

  • Thanks for this dict. I edited a little bit to make it work. Check it out?

    Though the css style of this site seems not fit for a small window. Does it look good for you?

  • Hi dear river

    Thanks for your checking.
    I've changed it and you can test again. It has a good appearance now.

  • Well done, dear friend!
    I changed a little bit to show the search area on the website. How do you think? As the default search bar of Dictionariez only supports English, I prefer to keep the search bar of the original site.

    Thanks for your effort, you have helped a lot.

  • You're welcome dear river

    I checked some dictionaries and they didn't use search bar so I decided to hide it from the page.
    What I want to say is Abadis search bar does not support only English words and it can be used for Persian words too but in my opinion having it is a good idea.

    With the best wishes


  • Great. Thanks again.

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