• I'm interested in this case because of how much money has been involved in it. He is not even the biggest fish targeted by the DOJ's China Initiative, which is I think a kind of racist political policy by the previous Trump administration, solely judged from its name.

    I remember one example is the chairman of Harvard's chemistry department, who was a prominent scientist in the academical world. But he was involved in far less money than Gang Chen's case.

    Chen has also been granted more titles in China. For example in just one city Wuhan, my hometown, he was given the “Top Talent
    Wuhan City Partner,” and “3551 Optics Valley Talent Plan” awards, and he has received huge amount of money from Wuhan under his own name, not related to MIT. Not mention that he has tight connection with Shenzhen Govt, and he helped MIT build the relation with the SUSTech university of Shenzhen. So how deep is this guy rooted in China?

    Here is the criminal complaint of Chen:

    Here is a letter from his ~100 MIT colleagues: