• Ohayo my friends! It's been a while.

    This time I am sharing with you on how I study and learn Kanji.

    There will be tips and study methods to help your kanji study.

    Hope this video gives you ideas on how to learn kanji, either those that are studying or learning by self study.

    Keep it up and stay motivated!

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    And wishing you all a Happy New Year! Hope 2021 will be a great year to everyone!

    Books used in this video:
    -Genki 1 Textbook and Workbook : an integrated course in elementary japanese,
    third edition (2020)

    My review video on Genki 1 books :

  • Sadly just found that the owner has disabled this video from playing outside of YouTube. Fair enough. Still I will leave this post here, because it's such a great channel.

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