• So here's a kind and gracious Yoll, all snowed up and enjoying herself, not even stressing Murloc out. And then there's an angry me, barging in and forcing Yoll to get home. Sadly, I had to go, and Yoll can't be left alone outside.
    This video showcases how much the bird is frustrated. Fluffed up feathers on the back of her head mean your legs are screwed. Usually she pumps up like that against dogs, primarily huskies; but she's very patient when it comes to me - she rages, but calms down eventually. Once at home, she cooled off completely and decided that this was fine too, warm and all.
    About her molting: it's a side effect caused by one of the meds Yoll has been taking during her treatment. Mariya warned me about it; it happens, so it's ok.