• Support pdf and epub

    Hi River.
    I have been using Dictionaries extintion and first I would thanks you for this useful extintion it help me very much in learning english and other launguages. And i relly like the way that extintion work with floating frame and the whole extintion. Also i like the black theme frame it's very nice.
    But i use microsoft edge for view pdf and i wish if i can use Dictionaries extintion in pdf . Actually, the extintion can work if you use right-click but i find that floating method is very useful and more effective.
    Have a nice day

  • Unable to save sentences in PDF files to Word History

    Hi River!
    When a word is selected in a PDF file opened in Edge, the word is saved in Word History, but not the contextual sentence.
    Since e-books are a great source for learning a new language, and most e-books are in PDF and ePub formats, allowing sentences of selected words in PDF and ePub files to be automatically saved in Word History and exported to Anki would be really useful.
    Thanks a lot!